Robert Whitley


Destiny Uk

After careful consideration of the diversity in England, there seem to be a niche in the Caribbean Community for a T.V channel. The reason being every other cultures has their media coverage, but the Caribbean community seem to lack this platform of getting these views across. This platform can be used to showcase their talents etc., also access to information readily about what is happening in the community.

I am passionate about this platform, because I enjoy researching black history. More importantly, with all the facts i.e. slavery, nelson Muhamad Ali Malcom x Martin Luther King and Caribbean history. My journalists’ skills will come in useful because I will be interviewing prominent black historians.

Secondly I have a depth of experience with talents, reason being I have promoted numerous groups from Jamaica, this I was in the night club business, where I employed a lot of rappers, singers, also I was instrumental in hosting the live Box for the show casting. My overall experience in the entertainment business spans over 25 years.

Thirdly the artists could be showcased do get more exposure, for the benefits of record deals etc. (2) sports i.e. athletes would have the opportunity to share their strengths and weaknesses and maybe how best to deal will the surge in Racism on the field.

Also older sports personalities could be interviewed so they can pass on their legacy to assist and motivate the young aspiring athletes.

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